OpenMS  2.8.0
Installation on MacOS

Simply download and install the MacOS drag-and-drop installer for your system from our archive. After double-clicking, accepting the "downloaded App warning" and mounting the dmg image, drag the OpenMS folder into your Applications folder as advised.

To use TOPP as regular apps in your shell just add the following lines to your ~/.profile file. Please adapt the first line to point to the folder where you installed OpenMS (e.g., /Applications/OpenMS-2.3.0)

source ${OPENMS_TOPP_PATH}/.TOPP_bash_profile
Main OpenMS namespace.
Definition: FeatureDeconvolution.h:47

Known Issues:

Since macOS Catalina (maybe also Mojave) notarized apps and executables are mandatory. Although we put a lot of effort in signing and notarizing everything, it seems like our software still lands in quarantine on the abovementioned systems, after installation of the DMG (when downloading it from a browser). Therefore, to have a streamlined experience without blocking popups, we recommend to remove the quarantine flag manually. For this, open the and type the following (replace the first line with the actual installation directory):

cd /Applications/OpenMS-2.5-0
sudo xattr -r -d *

There is also a known bug with running Java based thirdparty tools (like MSGFPlusAdapter and LuciphorAdapter) from within Please run the from within the (e.g. with the open command) to get access to the path where Java is located (which is usually present in the PATH of your Terminal). Advanced users can set this path in the Info.plist of/inside the