OpenMS  2.8.0
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OpenMS::SimTypes Namespace Reference


struct  SimProtein
 Plain data object holding sequence and abundance information on a single protein. More...
class  SimRandomNumberGenerator
 Wrapper class for random number generators used by the simulation classes. More...


typedef Peak2D::CoordinateType SimCoordinateType
 Coordinate type in mz and rt dimension. More...
typedef Peak2D::IntensityType SimIntensityType
 Abundance of proteins/peptides. More...
typedef Feature::ChargeType SimChargeType
 Charge of a peptide. More...
typedef Peak1D SimPointType
 Raw data point. More...
typedef std::vector< SimProteinSampleProteins
 Container for FASTAEntry & abundance information. More...
typedef std::vector< SampleProteinsSampleChannels
 Container for multiple channels of SampleProteins. More...
typedef FeatureMap FeatureMapSim
 Sim FeatureMap. More...
typedef std::vector< FeatureMapSimFeatureMapSimVector
 Sim FeatureMap Vector. More...
typedef PeakMap MSSimExperiment
 Sim MSExperiment type. More...
typedef boost::shared_ptr< SimRandomNumberGeneratorMutableSimRandomNumberGeneratorPtr

Typedef Documentation

◆ FeatureMapSim

Sim FeatureMap.

◆ FeatureMapSimVector

typedef std::vector<FeatureMapSim> FeatureMapSimVector

Sim FeatureMap Vector.

◆ MSSimExperiment

Sim MSExperiment type.

◆ MutableSimRandomNumberGeneratorPtr

◆ SampleChannels

typedef std::vector<SampleProteins> SampleChannels

Container for multiple channels of SampleProteins.

◆ SampleProteins

typedef std::vector<SimProtein> SampleProteins

Container for FASTAEntry & abundance information.

◆ SimChargeType

Charge of a peptide.

◆ SimCoordinateType

Coordinate type in mz and rt dimension.

◆ SimIntensityType

Abundance of proteins/peptides.

◆ SimPointType

Raw data point.