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class  DimBase
 A base class for a dimension which represents a certain unit (e.g. RT or m/z). Derived classes implement virtual functions, which receive a well-defined data type, e.g. a Feature, and return the appropriate value for their dimension (the DimRT class would return the RT of the feature). This makes it possible to extract dimensions using a runtime configuration of DimBase instances. Very useful when mapping units (RT, m/z) to axis when plotting etc. More...
class  DimRT
class  DimMZ
class  DimINT
class  DimIM
class  DimMapper< N_DIM >
 Allows dynamical switching (at runtime) between a dimension (RT, m/z, int, IM, etc) and X,Y,Z coordinates. You can set either of them, and query the other. The Mapping is stored internally. The unit to which the X,Y,Z coordinates currently mapped onto can also be queried (useful for axis labels etc). More...
class  Area< N_DIM >


 Main OpenMS namespace.


enum class  DIM { X = 0 , Y = 1 , Z = 2 }