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class  MRMFeatureQC
 The MRMFeatureQC is a class to handle the parameters and options for MRMFeatureFilter. More...
struct  MRMFeatureQC::ComponentQCs
 Quality Controls (QCs) for individual components. More...
struct  MRMFeatureQC::ComponentGroupQCs
 Quality Controls (QCs) within a component group. More...
struct  MRMFeatureQC::ComponentGroupPairQCs
 Quality Controls (QCs) for multiple components (between or within component_groups) More...


 Main OpenMS namespace.

Class Documentation

◆ OpenMS::MRMFeatureQC::ComponentGroupPairQCs

struct OpenMS::MRMFeatureQC::ComponentGroupPairQCs

Quality Controls (QCs) for multiple components (between or within component_groups)

This structure contains upper and lower bounds for parameters that involve two or more component groups. For example, a quality control that is based on a minimum retention time difference between two components would be suitable for this struct.

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Class Members
String component_group_name name of the component
double resolution_l resolution lower bound
String resolution_pair_name name of the component to calculate the resolution or retention time
double resolution_u resolution upper bound
double rt_diff_l retention time lower bound
double rt_diff_u retention time upper bound