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class  PeakPickerCWT
 This class implements a peak picking algorithm using wavelet techniques. More...
struct  PeakPickerCWT::PeakArea_
 Class for the internal peak representation. More...


 Main OpenMS namespace.

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struct OpenMS::PeakPickerCWT::PeakArea_

Class for the internal peak representation.

A regular Data-Object which contains some additional useful information for analyzing peaks and their properties The left and right iterators delimit a range in the profile data which represents a profile peak. They define the profile peak endpoints. max points to the profile data point in [left, right] with the highest intensity, the maximum of the profile peak.

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Class Members
typedef iterator PeakIterator
Class Members
DPosition< 1 > centroid_position The estimated centroid position in m/z.
PeakIterator left iterator to the leftmost valid point
PeakIterator max iterator to the maximum position
PeakIterator right iterator to the rightmost valid point (inclusive)