DRange< D > Member List

This is the complete list of members for DRange< D >, including all inherited members.

assign(const DIntervalBase< D2 > rhs)DIntervalBase< D >inline
Base typedefDRange< D >
center() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
clear()DIntervalBase< D >inline
CoordinateType typedefDRange< D >
diagonal() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
DIMENSION enum valueDRange< D >
DIntervalBase()DIntervalBase< D >inline
DIntervalBase(const DIntervalBase &rhs)DIntervalBase< D >inline
DIntervalBase(DIntervalBase &&) noexcept=defaultDIntervalBase< D >
DIntervalBase(PositionType const &minimum, PositionType const &maximum)DIntervalBase< D >inline
DIntervalBase(const std::pair< PositionType, PositionType > &pair)DIntervalBase< D >inlineprotected
Disjoint enum valueDRange< D >
DRange()DRange< D >inline
DRange(const PositionType &lower, const PositionType &upper)DRange< D >inline
DRange(const DRange &range)DRange< D >inline
DRange(DRange &&) noexcept=defaultDRange< D >
DRange(const Base &range)DRange< D >inline
DRange(CoordinateType minx, CoordinateType miny, CoordinateType maxx, CoordinateType maxy)DRange< D >inline
DRangeIntersection enum nameDRange< D >
emptyDIntervalBase< D >static
encloses(const PositionType &position) constDRange< D >inline
encloses(CoordinateType x, CoordinateType y) constDRange< D >inline
ensureMinSpan(typename Base::PositionType min_span)DRange< D >inline
extend(double factor)DRange< D >inline
extend(typename Base::PositionType addition)DRange< D >inline
height() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
Inside enum valueDRange< D >
intersects(const DRange &range) constDRange< D >inline
Intersects enum valueDRange< D >
isEmpty() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
isEmpty(UInt dim) constDIntervalBase< D >inline
isIntersected(const DRange &range) constDRange< D >inline
max_DRange< D >
maxPosition() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
maxX() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
maxY() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
min_DRange< D >
minPosition() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
minX() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
minY() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
normalize_()DIntervalBase< D >inlineprotected
operator!=(const DIntervalBase &rhs) constDIntervalBase< D >inline
operator+(const PositionType &point) constDIntervalBase< D >inline
operator+=(const PositionType &point)DIntervalBase< D >inline
operator-(const PositionType &point) constDIntervalBase< D >inline
operator-=(const PositionType &point)DIntervalBase< D >inline
operator=(const DRange &rhs)DRange< D >inline
operator=(const Base &rhs)DRange< D >inline
OpenMS::Internal::DIntervalBase::operator=(const DIntervalBase &rhs)DIntervalBase< D >inline
operator==(const DRange &rhs) constDRange< D >inline
operator==(const Base &rhs) constDRange< D >inline
OpenMS::Internal::DIntervalBase::operator==(const DIntervalBase &rhs) constDIntervalBase< D >inline
PositionType typedefDRange< D >
pullIn(DPosition< D > &point) constDRange< D >inline
setDimMinMax(UInt dim, const DIntervalBase< 1 > &min_max)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMax(PositionType const &position)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMaxX(CoordinateType const c)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMaxY(CoordinateType const c)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMin(PositionType const &position)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMinMax(PositionType const &min, PositionType const &max)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMinX(CoordinateType const c)DIntervalBase< D >inline
setMinY(CoordinateType const c)DIntervalBase< D >inline
swapDimensions()DRange< D >inline
united(const DRange< D > &other_range) constDRange< D >inline
width() constDIntervalBase< D >inline
zeroDIntervalBase< D >static
~DIntervalBase()DIntervalBase< D >inline
~DRange()DRange< D >inline