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 Class test macros
 These macros are used by the test programs in the subdirectory OpenMS/source/TEST.
 Condition macros
 Macros used for to enforce preconditions and postconditions.


class  Factory< FactoryProduct >
 Returns FactoryProduct* based on the name of the desired concrete FactoryProduct. More...
class  FactoryBase
 Base class for Factory<T> More...
class  LogConfigHandler
 The LogConfigHandler provides the functionality to configure the internal logging of OpenMS algorithms that use the global instances of LogStream. More...
class  SingletonRegistry
 Holds pointers to unique instance of a singleton factory. More...
class  StreamHandler
 Provides a central class to register globally used output streams. Currently supported streams are. More...
class  UniqueIdGenerator
 A generator for unique ids. More...
class  UniqueIdInterface
 A base class defining a common interface for all classes having a unique id. More...
class  VersionInfo
 Version information class. More...


typedef OPENMS_INT32_TYPE Int32
 Signed integer type (32bit) More...
typedef OPENMS_UINT32_TYPE UInt32
 Unsigned integer type (32bit) More...
typedef OPENMS_INT64_TYPE Int64
 Signed integer type (64bit) More...
typedef OPENMS_UINT64_TYPE UInt64
 Unsigned integer type (64bit) More...
typedef time_t Time
 Time type. More...
typedef unsigned int UInt
 Unsigned integer type. More...
typedef int Int
 Signed integer type. More...
 Byte type. More...
 A unique object ID (as unsigned 64bit type). More...
typedef size_t Size
 Size type e.g. used as variable which can hold result of size() More...
typedef ptrdiff_t SignedSize
 Signed Size type e.g. used as pointer difference. More...

Detailed Description

OpenMS concepts (types, macros, ...)

Typedef Documentation

◆ Byte


Byte type.

Use this type to represent byte data (8 bit length). A Byte is always unsigned.

◆ Int

typedef int Int

Signed integer type.

◆ Int32

typedef OPENMS_INT32_TYPE Int32

Signed integer type (32bit)

◆ Int64

typedef OPENMS_INT64_TYPE Int64

Signed integer type (64bit)

◆ SignedSize

typedef ptrdiff_t SignedSize

Signed Size type e.g. used as pointer difference.

◆ Size

typedef size_t Size

Size type e.g. used as variable which can hold result of size()

◆ Time

typedef time_t Time

Time type.

Use this type to represent a point in time (as a synonym for time_t).



A unique object ID (as unsigned 64bit type).

See also

◆ UInt

typedef unsigned int UInt

Unsigned integer type.

◆ UInt32

typedef OPENMS_UINT32_TYPE UInt32

Unsigned integer type (32bit)

◆ UInt64

typedef OPENMS_UINT64_TYPE UInt64

Unsigned integer type (64bit)