String Member List

This is the complete list of members for String, including all inherited members.

chop(Size n) constString
concatenate(StringIterator first, StringIterator last, const String &glue="")Stringinline
ConstIterator typedefString
ConstReverseIterator typedefString
DOUBLE enum valueString
ensureLastChar(char end)String
ESCAPE enum valueString
fillLeft(char c, UInt size)String
fillRight(char c, UInt size)String
has(Byte byte) constString
hasPrefix(const String &string) constString
hasSubstring(const String &string) constString
hasSuffix(const String &string) constString
isQuoted(char q='"')String
Iterator typedefString
NONE enum valueString
number(double d, UInt n)Stringstatic
numberLength(double d, UInt n)Stringstatic
operator+(int i) constString
operator+(unsigned int i) constString
operator+(short int i) constString
operator+(short unsigned int i) constString
operator+(long int i) constString
operator+(long unsigned int i) constString
operator+(long long unsigned int i) constString
operator+(float f) constString
operator+(double d) constString
operator+(long double ld) constString
operator+(char c) constString
operator+(const char *s) constString
operator+(const String &s) constString
operator+(const std::string &s) constString
operator+=(int i)String
operator+=(unsigned int i)String
operator+=(short int i)String
operator+=(short unsigned int i)String
operator+=(long int i)String
operator+=(long unsigned int i)String
operator+=(long long unsigned int i)String
operator+=(float f)String
operator+=(double d)String
operator+=(long double d)String
operator+=(char c)String
operator+=(const char *s)String
operator+=(const String &s)String
operator+=(const std::string &s)String
operator=(const String &)=defaultString
operator=(String &&) &=defaultString
prefix(SizeType length) constString
prefix(Int length) constString
prefix(char delim) constString
quote(char q='"', QuotingMethod method = ESCAPE)String
QuotingMethod enum nameString
random(UInt length)Stringstatic
remove(char what)String
ReverseIterator typedefString
SizeType typedefString
split(const char splitter, std::vector< String > &substrings, bool quote_protect=false) constString
split(const String &splitter, std::vector< String > &substrings) constString
split_quoted(const String &splitter, std::vector< String > &substrings, char q='"', QuotingMethod method = ESCAPE) const String
String(const String &)=defaultString
String(String &&)=defaultString
String(const std::string &s)String
String(const std::string_view &sv)String
String(const QString &s)String
String(const char *s)String
String(const char c)String
String(const char *s, SizeType length)String
String(size_t len, char c)String
String(InputIterator first, InputIterator last)Stringinline
String(int i)String
String(unsigned int i)String
String(short int i)String
String(short unsigned int i)String
String(long int i)String
String(long unsigned int i)String
String(long long unsigned int i)String
String(long long signed int i)String
String(float f, bool full_precision=true)String
String(double d, bool full_precision=true)String
String(long double ld, bool full_precision=true)String
String(const DataValue &d, bool full_precision=true)String
substitute(char from, char to)String
substitute(const String &from, const String &to)String
substr(size_t pos=0, size_t n=npos) constString
suffix(SizeType length) constString
suffix(Int length) constString
suffix(char delim) constString
toDouble() constString
toFloat() constString
toInt() constString
toInt32() constString
toInt64() constString
toQString() constString
unquote(char q='"', QuotingMethod method = ESCAPE)String