Here is a list of all modules:
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 ConceptOpenMS concepts (types, macros, ...)
 Class test macrosThese macros are used by the test programs in the subdirectory OpenMS/source/TEST
 Condition macrosMacros used for to enforce preconditions and postconditions
 SystemVery basic functionality like file system or stopwatch
 DatastructuresAuxiliary datastructures
 MathMath functions and classes
 Statistics functionsVarious statistical functions
 Misc functionsMath functions
 KernelKernel datastructures
 RangeUtilsPredicates for range operations
 FormatIO classes
 File IOFile IO classes
 MetadataClasses that capture meta data about a MS or HPLC-MS experiment
 Spectrum ComparisonThe classes within this group are used to compare single spectra, by reporting a similarity value
 Spectrum filtersThis group contains filtering classes for spectra
 Spectra PreprocessorsThe spectra preprocessors filter the spectra with different criteria
 Spectra FiltersSpectra filters report single values of spectra e.g. the TIC
 AnalysisHigh-level analysis like PeakPicking, Quantitation, Identification, MapAlignment
 TopdownTopdown-related classes
 QuantitationQuantitation-related classes
 SignalProcessingSignal processing classes (noise estimation, noise filters, baseline filters)
 PeakPickingClasses for the transformation of raw ms data into peak data
 FeatureFinderThe feature detection algorithms
 MapAlignmentThe map alignment algorithms
 FeatureGroupingThe feature grouping
 IdentificationProtein and peptide identification classes
 DeNovoDeNovo identification classes
 ClusteringThis class contains SpectraClustering classes These classes are components for clustering all kinds of data for which a distance relation, normalizable in the range of [0,1], is available. Mainly this will be data for which there is a corresponding CompareFunctor given (e.g. PeakSpectrum) that is yielding the similarity normalized in the range of [0,1] of such two elements, so it can easily converted to the needed distances
 VisualVisualization classes
 Spectrum visualization widgetsSpectrum visualization widgets
 TOPPViewGUI elements for TOPPView
 TOPPASGUI elements for TOPPAS
 DialogsDialogs for user interaction
 Get scores from ID structures for FDRFills the scores_labels vector from an ID data structure
 Sets scores to FDRs/qVals in ID data structures to the closest in a given mappingSets FDRs/qVals from a scores_to_FDR map in the ID data structures
 Functions for getting values from sql-select statements