LayerAnnotatorAMS Class Reference

#include <OpenMS/VISUAL/LayerDataBase.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LayerAnnotatorAMS (QWidget *gui_lock)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LayerAnnotatorBase
 LayerAnnotatorBase (const FileTypeList &supported_types, const String &file_dialog_text, QWidget *gui_lock)
 C'tor with params. More...
virtual ~LayerAnnotatorBase ()=default
 Make D'tor virtual for correct destruction from pointers to base. More...
bool annotateWithFileDialog (LayerDataBase &layer, LogWindow &log, const String &current_path) const
bool annotateWithFilename (LayerDataBase &layer, LogWindow &log, const String &filename) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool annotateWorker_ (LayerDataBase &layer, const String &filename, LogWindow &log) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from LayerAnnotatorBase
static std::unique_ptr< LayerAnnotatorBasegetAnnotatorWhichSupports (const FileTypes::Type &type)
static std::unique_ptr< LayerAnnotatorBasegetAnnotatorWhichSupports (const String &filename)
 see getAnnotatorWhichSupports(const FileTypes::Type& type). File type is queried from filename More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from LayerAnnotatorBase
const FileTypeList supported_types_
const String file_dialog_text_
QWidgetgui_lock_ = nullptr
 optional widget which will be locked when calling annotateWorker_() in child-classes More...

Detailed Description

Annotate a layer with AccurateMassSearch results (from an AMS-featureXML file). The featuremap is loaded from a file selected by the user via a file-dialog.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LayerAnnotatorAMS()

LayerAnnotatorAMS ( QWidget gui_lock)

References FileTypes::FEATUREXML.

Member Function Documentation

◆ annotateWorker_()

virtual bool annotateWorker_ ( LayerDataBase layer,
const String filename,
LogWindow log 
) const

loads the featuremap from filename and calls Layer::annotate. Returns false if featureXML file was not created by AMS, and true otherwise (unless an exception is thrown from internal sub-functions)

Implements LayerAnnotatorBase.