XMLValidator Class Reference

Validator for XML files. More...

#include <OpenMS/FORMAT/VALIDATORS/XMLValidator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLValidator ()
 Constructor. More...
bool isValid (const String &filename, const String &schema, std::ostream &os=std::cerr)
 Returns if an XML file is valid for given a schema file. More...

Protected Member Functions

Implementation of Xerces ErrorHandler methods
void warning (const xercesc::SAXParseException &exception) override
void error (const xercesc::SAXParseException &exception) override
void fatalError (const xercesc::SAXParseException &exception) override
void resetErrors () override

Protected Attributes

bool valid_
 Flag if the validated file is valid. More...
String filename_
 File name of validated file (for error messages) More...
std::ostream * os_

Detailed Description

Validator for XML files.

Validates an XML file against a given schema.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XMLValidator()


Member Function Documentation

◆ error()

void error ( const xercesc::SAXParseException &  exception)

◆ fatalError()

void fatalError ( const xercesc::SAXParseException &  exception)

◆ isValid()

bool isValid ( const String filename,
const String schema,
std::ostream &  os = std::cerr 

Returns if an XML file is valid for given a schema file.

Error messages are printed to the error stream, unless redirected with the attribute os .

filenameThe file to validated.
schemaThe filename of the schema that should be used for validation.
osThe stream where error messages should be send to.
Exception::FileNotFoundis thrown if the file cannot be found
Exception::ParseErroris thrown if the parser could not be initialized

◆ resetErrors()

void resetErrors ( )

◆ warning()

void warning ( const xercesc::SAXParseException &  exception)

Member Data Documentation

◆ filename_

String filename_

File name of validated file (for error messages)

◆ os_

std::ostream* os_

◆ valid_

bool valid_

Flag if the validated file is valid.