An assistant for FLASHDeconv execution.

The implementation of FLASHDeconvWizard is heavily inspired by the SwathWizard . The Wizard helps the user to run FLASHDeconv for Top-down proteomics analysis.

Users can enter the required input data (mzML MS/MS data) in dedicated fields, usually by drag'n'droping files from the operating systems' file explorer (Explorer, Nautilus, Finder...). The main output of the Wizard is deconvolved feature files (*.tsv) from FLASHDeconv. Optional output files are as follows:

  • deconvoluted MSn spectra files (*.tsv)
  • deconvoluted mzML spectra file (*.mzML)
  • deconvoluted MS1 in ProMex output format (*.ms1ft)
  • deconvoluted MSn spectra files in TopFD output format (*.msalign)
  • deconvoluted MS1 feature file in TopFD output format (*.feature)