AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile Class Reference

Load files containing runConcentration data. More...

#include <OpenMS/FORMAT/AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile.h>

Public Member Functions

 AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile ()=default
virtual ~AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile ()=default
void load (const String &filename, std::vector< AbsoluteQuantitationStandards::runConcentration > &run_concentrations) const
 Load runConcentration data from a file and save it in memory. More...

Protected Member Functions

AbsoluteQuantitationStandards::runConcentration extractRunFromLine_ (const StringList &line, const std::map< String, Size > &headers) const
 Extract one runConcentration from a single line. More...

Detailed Description

Load files containing runConcentration data.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile()

◆ ~AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile()

virtual ~AbsoluteQuantitationStandardsFile ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ extractRunFromLine_()

AbsoluteQuantitationStandards::runConcentration extractRunFromLine_ ( const StringList line,
const std::map< String, Size > &  headers 
) const

Extract one runConcentration from a single line.

Any missing information is going to be filled with default data:

  • an empty string for String data
  • the value 0.0 for concentration values
  • the value 1.0 for dilution factor

The `headers` argument makes sure that the data is taken from the correct column/position in `line`.

[in]lineA list of strings each containing a column's info
[in]headersA mapping from header name to position in the StringList given in input

◆ load()

void load ( const String filename,
std::vector< AbsoluteQuantitationStandards::runConcentration > &  run_concentrations 
) const

Load runConcentration data from a file and save it in memory.

An example of the format expected: > sample_name,component_name,IS_component_name,actual_concentration,IS_actual_concentration,concentration_units,dilution_factor > 150516_CM1_Level1,23dpg.23dpg_1.Light,23dpg.23dpg_1.Heavy,0,1,uM,1 > 150516_CM1_Level1,2mcit.2mcit_1.Light,2mcit.2mcit_1.Heavy,0,1,uM,1 > 150516_CM1_Level1,2obut.2obut_1.Light,2obut.2obut_1.Heavy,0,1,uM,1

[in]filenameThe file path from which the method is reading the data
[out]run_concentrationsWhere the runConcentration data is going to be saved