BSpline2d Class Reference

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#include <OpenMS/MATH/MISC/BSpline2d.h>

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Public Types

enum  BoundaryCondition { BC_ZERO_ENDPOINTS = 0 , BC_ZERO_FIRST = 1 , BC_ZERO_SECOND = 2 }

Public Member Functions

 BSpline2d (const std::vector< double > &x, const std::vector< double > &y, double wavelength=0, BoundaryCondition boundary_condition=BC_ZERO_SECOND, Size num_nodes=0)
virtual ~BSpline2d ()
bool solve (const std::vector< double > &y)
double eval (const double x) const
double derivative (const double x) const
bool ok () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void debug (bool enable)

Private Attributes

eol_bspline::BSpline< double > * spline_

Detailed Description

b spline interpolation

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ BoundaryCondition


Set the endpoints of the spline to zero.


Set the first derivative of the spline to zero at the endpoints.


Set the second derivative to zero.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BSpline2d()

BSpline2d ( const std::vector< double > &  x,
const std::vector< double > &  y,
double  wavelength = 0,
BoundaryCondition  boundary_condition = BC_ZERO_SECOND,
Size  num_nodes = 0 

Create a single spline with the parameters required to set up the domain and subsequently smooth the given set of y values. The y values must correspond to each of the x values. If either the domain setup fails or the spline cannot be solved, the state will be set to "not OK".

See also
xThe array of x values in the domain.
yThe array of y values corresponding to each of the x values in the domain.
wavelengthThe cutoff wavelength, in the same units as the x values. A wavelength of zero disables the derivative constraint.
boundary_conditionThe boundary condition type. If omitted it defaults to BC_ZERO_SECOND.
num_nodesThe number of nodes to use for the cubic b-spline. If less than 2, a "reasonable" number will be calculated automatically, taking into account the given cutoff wavelength.
x and y must be of the same dimensions.

◆ ~BSpline2d()

virtual ~BSpline2d ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ debug()

static void debug ( bool  enable)

Enable or disable debug messages from the B-spline library.

◆ derivative()

double derivative ( const double  x) const

Return the first derivative of the spline curve at the given x. Returns zero if the current state is not ok().

◆ eval()

double eval ( const double  x) const

Return the evaluation of the smoothed curve at a particular x value. If current state is not ok(), returns zero.

◆ ok()

bool ok ( ) const

Return whether the spline fit was successful.

◆ solve()

bool solve ( const std::vector< double > &  y)

Solve the spline curve for a new set of y values. Returns false if the solution fails.

yThe array of y values corresponding to each of the x values in the domain.

Member Data Documentation

◆ spline_

eol_bspline::BSpline<double>* spline_