MzTabModification Class Reference

Data model of MzTab files. More...

#include <OpenMS/FORMAT/MzTab.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MzTabModification ()
bool isNull () const
void setNull (bool b)
void setPositionsAndParameters (const std::vector< std::pair< Size, MzTabParameter > > &ppp)
 set (potentially ambiguous) position(s) with associated parameter (might be null if not set) More...
std::vector< std::pair< Size, MzTabParameter > > getPositionsAndParameters () const
void setModificationIdentifier (const MzTabString &mod_id)
MzTabString getModOrSubstIdentifier () const
String toCellString () const
void fromCellString (const String &s)
 ~MzTabModification ()=default

Protected Attributes

std::vector< std::pair< Size, MzTabParameter > > pos_param_pairs_
MzTabString mod_identifier_

Detailed Description

Data model of MzTab files.

Please see the official MzTab specification at

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MzTabModification()

◆ ~MzTabModification()

~MzTabModification ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ fromCellString()

void fromCellString ( const String s)

◆ getModOrSubstIdentifier()

MzTabString getModOrSubstIdentifier ( ) const

◆ getPositionsAndParameters()

std::vector<std::pair<Size, MzTabParameter> > getPositionsAndParameters ( ) const

◆ isNull()

bool isNull ( ) const

◆ setModificationIdentifier()

void setModificationIdentifier ( const MzTabString mod_id)

◆ setNull()

void setNull ( bool  b)

◆ setPositionsAndParameters()

void setPositionsAndParameters ( const std::vector< std::pair< Size, MzTabParameter > > &  ppp)

set (potentially ambiguous) position(s) with associated parameter (might be null if not set)

◆ toCellString()

String toCellString ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ mod_identifier_

MzTabString mod_identifier_

◆ pos_param_pairs_

std::vector<std::pair<Size, MzTabParameter> > pos_param_pairs_