QcMLFile::QualityParameter Class Reference

Representation of a quality parameter. More...

#include <OpenMS/FORMAT/QcMLFile.h>

Collaboration diagram for QcMLFile::QualityParameter:

Public Member Functions

 QualityParameter ()
 Default constructor. More...
 QualityParameter (const QualityParameter &rhs)
QualityParameteroperator= (const QualityParameter &rhs)
bool operator== (const QualityParameter &rhs) const
bool operator< (const QualityParameter &rhs) const
bool operator> (const QualityParameter &rhs) const
String toXMLString (UInt indentation_level) const

Public Attributes

String name
 Name. More...
String id
 Identifier. More...
String value
 Value. More...
String cvRef
 cv reference More...
String cvAcc
 cv accession More...
String unitRef
 cv reference of the unit More...
String unitAcc
 cv accession of the unit More...
String flag
 cv accession of the unit More...

Detailed Description

Representation of a quality parameter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ QualityParameter() [1/2]

Default constructor.

◆ QualityParameter() [2/2]

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator<()

bool operator< ( const QualityParameter rhs) const

◆ operator=()

QualityParameter& operator= ( const QualityParameter rhs)

◆ operator==()

bool operator== ( const QualityParameter rhs) const

◆ operator>()

bool operator> ( const QualityParameter rhs) const

◆ toXMLString()

String toXMLString ( UInt  indentation_level) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ cvAcc

String cvAcc

cv accession

◆ cvRef

String cvRef

cv reference

◆ flag

String flag

cv accession of the unit

◆ id

String id


◆ name

String name


◆ unitAcc

String unitAcc

cv accession of the unit

◆ unitRef

String unitRef

cv reference of the unit

◆ value

String value