PeptideAndProteinQuant::Statistics Struct Reference

Statistics for processing summary. More...

#include <OpenMS/ANALYSIS/QUANTITATION/PeptideAndProteinQuant.h>

Collaboration diagram for PeptideAndProteinQuant::Statistics:

Public Member Functions

 Statistics ()
 constructor More...

Public Attributes

Size n_samples
 number of samples (or assays in mzTab terms) More...
Size n_fractions
 number of fractions More...
Size n_ms_files
 number of MS files More...
Size quant_proteins
 protein statistics More...
Size too_few_peptides
Size quant_peptides
 peptide statistics More...
Size total_peptides
Size quant_features
 feature statistics More...
Size total_features
Size blank_features
Size ambig_features

Detailed Description

Statistics for processing summary.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Statistics()

Statistics ( )


Member Data Documentation

◆ ambig_features

Size ambig_features

◆ blank_features

Size blank_features

◆ n_fractions

Size n_fractions

number of fractions

◆ n_ms_files

Size n_ms_files

number of MS files

◆ n_samples

Size n_samples

number of samples (or assays in mzTab terms)

◆ quant_features

Size quant_features

feature statistics

◆ quant_peptides

Size quant_peptides

peptide statistics

◆ quant_proteins

Size quant_proteins

protein statistics

◆ too_few_peptides

Size too_few_peptides

◆ total_features

Size total_features

◆ total_peptides

Size total_peptides