RNPxlReportRow Struct Reference

struct to hold a single report line More...

#include <OpenMS/ANALYSIS/RNPXL/RNPxlReport.h>

Collaboration diagram for RNPxlReportRow:

Public Member Functions

String getString (const String &separator) const

Public Attributes

bool no_id
double rt
double original_mz
String accessions
String RNA
String peptide
double best_localization_score
String localization_scores
String best_localization
Int charge
double score
double peptide_weight
double RNA_weight
double xl_weight
double abs_prec_error
double rel_prec_error
RNPxlMarkerIonExtractor::MarkerIonsType marker_ions
double m_H
double m_2H
double m_3H
double m_4H
int rank

Detailed Description

struct to hold a single report line

Member Function Documentation

◆ getString()

String getString ( const String separator) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ abs_prec_error

double abs_prec_error

◆ accessions

String accessions

◆ best_localization

String best_localization

◆ best_localization_score

double best_localization_score

◆ charge

Int charge

◆ localization_scores

String localization_scores

◆ m_2H

double m_2H

◆ m_3H

double m_3H

◆ m_4H

double m_4H

◆ m_H

double m_H

◆ marker_ions

◆ no_id

bool no_id

◆ original_mz

double original_mz

◆ peptide

String peptide

◆ peptide_weight

double peptide_weight

◆ rank

int rank

◆ rel_prec_error

double rel_prec_error


String RNA

◆ RNA_weight

double RNA_weight

◆ rt

double rt

◆ score

double score

◆ xl_weight

double xl_weight