Improvements List
Class ConstRefVector< ContainerT >
Check if we can omit the iterator template arguments (Clemens)
Class ConvexHull2D
For chromatograms we could postprocess the input and remove points in intermediate RT scans, which are currently reported but make the number of points rather large.
Class ElementDB

include exact mass values for the isotopes (done) and update IsotopeDistribution (Andreas)

add exact isotope distribution based on exact isotope values (Andreas)

Class FeatureFinderAlgorithmPicked

RT model with tailing/fronting (Marc)

More general MZ model - e.g. based on co-elution or with sulfur-averagines (Marc)

Class MetaDataBrowser
Add generic mechanism to add items to data vectors e.g. for Instrument - IonSource (Hiwi)
Member OpenMS::Internal::MapType
Add implementation and tests of 'supDataArray' to store IntegerDataArray and StringDataArray of MSSpectrum (Hiwi)
Class PeptideProteinResolution
The class could provide iterator for ConnectedComponents in the future. One could extend the graph to include all PeptideHits (not only the best). It becomes a tripartite graph with larger connected components then. Maybe extend it to work with MS1 features. Separate resolution and adding groups to output.
Class Plot2DCanvas

Add RT interpolation mode for high zoom in 2D View (Hiwi)

Snap also to min intensity (Hiwi)

Class TOPPViewBase

Use DataRepository singleton to share data between TOPPView and the canvas classes (Hiwi)

For painting single mass traces with no width we currently paint each line twice (once going down, and then coming back up). This could be more efficient...

Keep spectrum browser widgets of all layers in memory in order to avoid rebuilding the entire tree view every time the active layer changes (Hiwi, Johannes)