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struct  LayerDataDefs
struct  LayerDataDefs::ProjectionData
 Result of computing a projection on X and Y axis in a 2D Canvas; see LayerDataBase::getProjection() More...
struct  LayerDataDefs::ProjectionData::Summary
class  LayerDataBase
 Class that stores the data for one layer. More...
class  LayerAnnotatorBase
class  LayerAnnotatorPeptideID
class  LayerAnnotatorAMS
class  LayerAnnotatorOSW


 Main OpenMS namespace.


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const LayerDataBase &rhs)
 Print the contents to a stream. More...

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◆ OpenMS::LayerDataDefs::ProjectionData::Summary

struct OpenMS::LayerDataDefs::ProjectionData::Summary
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Class Members
IntensityType max_intensity
UInt number_of_datapoints
double sum_intensity